Sacramento Hard Money Rehab Loan Fundings

At All California Lending, we specialize in California hard money loans.  This recent funding was for a Sacramento hard money rehab loan.

This transaction was a major rehab project in Sacramento.  Our client had experience, although that is not required, and had a nice looking profit margin on this project.  Our hard money rehab loan allowed him to obtain the funding for the purchase, cost of rehab and an interest reserve with only a minimal down payment required.

The rehab funds were held in a fund control account and disbursed as the work was completed and funds requested.  The interest reserve was set up to cover payments on the loan during the project.  Essentially our client had no payments out of pocket to make on this loan all the way through the time of sale on the property.

We were able to get this closed with minimal documentation and a site visit to determine value and scope of work.  We were supplied a bid for the work to be done, and were kept updated on the progress of the project.  Our client was able to complete the project quite quickly, put the property on the market and sell for a nice profit in a matter of months.

We can help fund hard money rehab loans in Sacramento.  We are able to help investors with little to no experience, as well as investors with credit issues or lack of credit history.  Our Sacramento hard money rehab loans are based on the ‘as complete’ value of the property.  This allows us to offer higher leverage than if we based our loan amounts on the purchase price or ‘as is’ value of the property.

If you are looking for a Sacramento rehab loan, please give us a call today at 877 462 3422 to discuss your options.  We have a number of programs that can help you obtain the funding you need to move forward with a profitable project.  You can also learn more by visiting our page about California rehab loans.

Sacramento Commercial Hard Money Loan Funded

We are able to help with hard money loans throughout the state of California.  This recent Sacramento commercial hard money loan was funded for a client needing to close quickly on the acquisition of a strip mall.  Our client had the property locked up with multiple offers behind him.  We were able to put together the funding required quickly, using his existing appraisal and a simple site visit.

The property is located in the Sacramento area and is a strip mall.  The property was in need of upgrades and rehab, but the location was superb.  Occupancy was low, and our client was looking for an acquisition loan based on value alone.  He needed a fast acquisition loan in order to take title to the property prior to beginning his work to upgrade and improve the property.

He had tentative agreements in place with potential future tenants, but these were not required for our hard money loan to close.  His earnest money cash had gone hard, and failure to close on the acquisition would result in the lost of a substantial amount of cash.  In addition, the seller was under time constraints due to his situation, and there were a number of back up offers on the property.

From the time of the LOI being signed to the time of this Sacramento commercial hard money loan funding was less than two weeks on this multi-million dollar acquisition.

If you are in need of fast hard money lending in the state of California, give us a call.  We have many programs available for most property types throughout the state.  Regardless of loan size, we have options that can provide the funding solutions you seek.  Usually a brief phone conversation is all it takes for us to let you know how we can help.  Call us today at 877 462 3422, or visit our main page to learn more about our California hard money loans.