Oakland California Hard Money Loan Funded

This Oakland California hard money loan transaction was funded as a short term fix and flip project.  Our client was able to get this property under contract for below market price and had funds available for the rehab herself.  We were able to put together a short term loan with no prepayment penalty that also […] Continue reading →

San Bernardino Hard Money Loan

This San Bernardino hard money loan was closed very quickly on a three-year term.  The borrower was an LLC that has been acquiring properties to hold for rental income.  The goal of this transaction was to take cash out of one of their free and clear properties in order to obtain further leverage for additional […] Continue reading →

Pebble Beach Hard Money Rehab Loan Funded

This is a recently funded Pebble Beach hard money rehab loan for one of our long term clients. The borrower has years of construction experience and has completed major projects in the past. This project includes the addition of almost 1300 square feet, and a big strength of the file is the experience brought to […] Continue reading →

Contra Costa Hard Money Loan – Multi-Family

This property is a multi-family property located in Contra Costa County.  Our client needed to refinance the existing debt on the property as well as pull out some additional cash in order to purchase another investment property.  The subject property is located within 20 minutes of our offices, making this Contra Costa hard money loan […] Continue reading →

California Hard Money Land Loan

This California hard money land loan funding was for a piece of land with a small amount of debt on it.  Our client was in need of some working capital to further improve the property.  His goal was to make improvements to streamline operations for more efficiency and to maximize crop yield. This property consisted […] Continue reading →

Brentwood Hard Money Loan Funded

This recent Brentwood hard money loan was funded to allow our client to expand his business.  Our client had the opportunity to acquire two new locations in high traffic areas and needed capital quickly in order to take advantage of the offer.  While there was equity available in a piece of real estate owned, there […] Continue reading →

Fresno Hard Money Rehab Loan

This Fresno hard money rehab loan was funded for a long term client of ours.  We have years of experience with this client and he has shown the ability to find a number of hidden gems.  This property is a unique property for the area due to the size of the land and the prescence […] Continue reading →

Santa Cruz Hard Money Loan Funded

This transaction was recently funded for a vacation rental located in Santa Cruz.  The property was great and located right on the beach.  The investor who visited the property loved it and we were able to obtain funding with no trouble for our client at great terms. With banks tightening up their lending standards, many […] Continue reading →