Oakland Hard Money Lender Funding

We arranged this Oakland hard money lender funding for a borrower looking to buy out a partner.  Our client partnered with another individual to purchase, rehab and rent out this property.  The property was held for less than a year, but our hard money loans require no seasoning and we were able to provide a […] Continue reading →

Brentwood Residential Hard Money Rehab Funding

This property is located in Brentwood.  The borrower requested a residential rehab hard money loan to payoff the existing debt and take enough cash out to rehab the property.  This single family residence was used as a preschool for a number of years.  The school was moved to a different location and the borrower needed […] Continue reading →

Merced Residential Hard Money Loan Funded

This was a beautiful house in Merced that the borrower needed a new loan on in order to refinance their existing loan and change the rate and terms offered.  They had closed on the home with another hard money loan that was quite a bit more expensive with regards to rate than what we could […] Continue reading →

Oakland Hard Money Rehab Loan Funded

This property located in Oakland was a fix and flip transaction.  The property was in need of updating and cosmetic rehab in order to resell for top dollar.  There was wood paneling inside the property that was completely removed and then the walls repainted.  One of the kitchen walls was removed to create a larger […] Continue reading →

San Bernardino Hard Money Rehab Loan Funded

This San Bernardino hard money rehab loan was for the purchase and rehab of an upscale single family residence in Rancho Cucamonga.  The purchase price of this property was $492,500, with rehab costs of $79,000 and an estimated after repair value of $820,000. Our hard money rehab loan was made for a total of $535,000. […] Continue reading →

Los Angeles Mixed Use Hard Money Loan Closed

This property, located in Los Angeles county, is a mixed use property with one residential unit and two commercial units.  The two commercial units are both leased to a single long term tenant.  The purpose of this hard money transaction was to pay off an existing, unrecorded loan that was due.  The borrower had good […] Continue reading →

California Mixed Use Construction Completion Loan Funded

This property is a mixed use property with three commercial units downstairs and unimproved space upstairs that will be remodeled into twelve residential units.  There was substantial work to be done on this property and we were able to secure funds to assist in both the purchase and the construction completion. The commercial units downstairs […] Continue reading →

Oakland Hard Money Rehab Loan Funding

This project is a hard money rehab loan in Oakland that we secured funding for.  We were able to secure a loan amount for 75% of the purchase price, while deferring the majority of the fees until the sale of the property (or payoff of the loan). The property was purchased for below market value. […] Continue reading →

Stockton Residential Hard Money Rehab Loan Funded

This property is an entry level residential home in the Stockton area.  It was purchased for below market value with rehab work needed to give it some curb appeal and modernize the interior.  Our client on this transaction has a history of successful rehab projects, and typically has the rehab completed and property back on […] Continue reading →

Central Valley Commercial Rehab Loan Funded

This property located in the Central Valley of California is a commercial property with a little over 4,000 square feet in space.  Our client was able to purchase the property and secure a seller carry back in second position (subordinate to our financing) in order to reduce the amount of cash needed to close. We […] Continue reading →